Monday, May 22, 2006

Setting of the Sun

I was out just before sunset on Saturday and caught one of our cats sitting among the Dandelion fluffs.

Actually the Dandelion looked quite good with the low sun behind it too.

And then, a few minutes later, we did have a beautiful sunset. It's nice to have the time to enjoy the colours that nature provides.


Jimmy said...

That is a big cat!!!Great sunset photo...beautiful.

Tim Rice said...

All the photos are great; but this sunset photo is absolutely gorgeous! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Cat in the fading light. Nice little capture you made there.

robin andrea said...

When I first saw that big cat, I thought, Oh wow, he has a bobcat! That is a big kitty you have there. Gorgeous sunset too. Really stunning. We haven't had colors like that here in ages.

Endment said...

O-h-h-h-h- the light - the lovely light!

kerrdelune said...

I absolutely LOVE this sunset, and the seedy dandelion is a work of art.

Libby said...


I have been enjoying your blog. Your photographs are breathtaking.

I also have a question. How did you get the moon phases on your blog? I also use blogger and I pasted the html into the template page. Is that correct?

Thank you.

Ontario Wanderer said...

J, Yes, she is huge. Apparently spayed, calico cats tend to gain weight but this one is almost double the size of any cat I have ever had.

TR, Glad you are enjoying the sunset. I always play with the shutter speed and sometimes get results that surprise even me.

P, Thanks!

RA, The colour was incredible and the camera setting enhanced it even more.

E, Thank you!

K, Even at that, I did not get from the dandelion what I wanted. It was quite magical.

L, Thanks! Yes, as I remember it, I just pasted the html code into the template in the sidebar section. I remember playing around with it a bit to get it the way I wanted but it was not too difficult. Is yours working now? (I'll pop over to see in a minute or two.)