Saturday, May 27, 2006


All of my photos are a bit fuzzy or out of focus today. There are three different reasons. This first photo is of the Field Sparrow nest. I only took one photo and then got out of the way as I have been watching this nest for about two weeks. All that has happened so far is that two eggs have disappeared. I expect young birds any day and did not want to disturb the nest any more than necessary. Perhaps it's been too much already?

The next nest is one of a different sort. It is fuzzy because that is the nature of the subject. It's a nest of baby rabbits:

This last photo is fuzzy because I was shooting with the telephoto lens, while holding an umbrella in light rain. The only reason I offer it here is because I have only seen Wood Ducks in trees about four times in my life and never have I had a camera in my hand at the time. I know that Wood Ducks nest in tree cavities, but still, seeing a duck in a tree is an odd experience. Catching both the male and female in the same tree was a stroke of real luck in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Love those woodies!

kerrdelune said...

Field sparrow eggs, infant rabbits and wood ducks, what a day! They are all beautiful - do you think the the bunnies were hares or cottontails? They look like those delightful fuzzy little cottontails.

robin andrea said...

What a lovely group of photos. It is quite amazing to see those wood ducks in the tree.

clairesgarden said...

I have just been catching up with your photographs, superb, all of them, and especially the cat and dog because I have a soft spot for animals. digital truly changes how you take photographs, instead of conserving expensive film and disgarding many of the costly developed ones you get to take a million photographs and choose the ones you like best. I have an album now with some my firend had printed for me, it has been ages since I got any printed, I am happy to look on the pc.

Endment said...

Wonderful group of "fuzzy" photos love each of them.

Linda said...


threecollie said...

It is a busy time of year for us and it has been a few days since I could stop by. So glad I did, lots of wonderful pictures to enjoy!!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Pablo, Do you love to see or hunt and eat. Personally I just like to see them.

Kerrdelune, Yes, cottontails.

Robin, As I said, I know they are often up there but I am still surprised to see them there.

Claire, It's the "millions" that bother me. Where is that photo that I took last week, or worse, last year?

Endment, Thanks!

Linda, Ah, yes!

ThreeCollies, Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I seem to be busier and busier outside too.

Pam in Tucson said...

Wonderful! Such sweet nests. And how very, very cool to get the pair of ducks in the tree.

KaliPamp said...

love seeing the wild life and flora.
the bunnies were sweetest. but the wood ducks are pretty crazy to behold.

i was up north in mono drawing out doors. saw many things in the fields and on the roads. deer, groundhogs, snake, bees, butterflies, ducks, and geese. and the scent of a skunk nearby where i was working.

will have to sign up on flickr eventually i suppose, in order to commetn on your new works over there.

until then. have a wonderfully warm country afternoon.