Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Record Heat

We had record high temperatures yesterday and look how the sun came up today.

It looks better than it feels!

The plants are liking it however. See my Wildflower Watch web site for a list of 93 plants in bloom in or near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada last week and a photo of a surprise flower that showed up where we live.


kerrdelune said...

I've always been a devotee of sunrises and moonrises, and this sunrise shot is lovely.

travel plaza said...


Pam in Tucson said...


Anonymous said...

OW - It's been very hot up here in the Ottawa area too. The plants are loving it, but the sun seems so intense. My husband had to do some work outdoors yesterday afternoon, and even with sunscreen, he got a bit of a burn on his arms and legs.

Endment said...

Awesome photo of an awesome morning. Heat here is combined with high humidity (ug) Plants may love it although I had to give them extra water this evening when a hot wind came up and dried wverything out.

I vote for a bit cooler June --- how about no heatwave in June this year? ;-)

Ontario Wanderer said...

Kerrdelune, Sunrise is the time I look forward to everyday.

Travel P. and Pam, Thanks.

Bev, I heard that the Ottawa Marathon was very hot this past weekend.

Endment, Yes, no heat wave with low humidity gets my vote too. Can I vote more than once?