Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sunrise Series cont.

I am enjoying the sunrises lately. Until I hear complaints, I shall probably keep taking photos and keep posting them if I think they are worthy. So, here is sunrise, Nov. 10th.

And, just so you have something else to look at, here is a close up of an aster seed collection.

And here is what I was going to put up yesterday but ran out of time. It's the best shot I've had of one of the many deer that are often on our property just before the dog and I arrive.


Mary Ann said...

Thank you so much for your congratulations. There is, indeed, hope for (and in) the US. Isn't it scary how quickly a country with so much going for it can be dragged to the brink of disaster?

Your pictures are gorgeous. The setting reminds me a lot of the areas around here where I take pictures. You're right about the sunsets. I'm inspired to post more pictures on my site.

robin andrea said...

OW-- I always love seeing how beautiful the sunrise is in Ontario. Keep posting them. There are mornings here where the sky is so gray, it's like we've been submerged in a place with no color or contour, and the only sunrise I see is there in Ontario!

The aster is lovely, and the atmosphere in deer photo conveys the season.

Jim said...

What a fine morning walk that was, OW!

Ontario Wanderer said...

MA, I am hoping you will be able to make a difference in your community. My experience with government is that it's like a huge train. It's hard to change the momentum.

I do look forward to more photos from your area.

RD, I am glad I can brighten your days a bit. You and the pirate often make my days brighter.

J, Almost every morning walk is fine although I do enjoy the blue skies more than the gray ones. Thanks for dropping by.