Saturday, November 26, 2005

3 Views of Thursday

OK, I am a day late with this post but yesterday was busy and I did not want to miss putting up these three photos from Thursday. It was a cold, windy, snowy day. We woke up to frost on our windows and during breakfast just a hint of sunlight.

When Calla, our dog, and I were out walking we were facing a strong wind from the west. We were almost at the western end of the property when suddenly a deer sprang up from beside the trail and hurtled itself away through the brush. Calla was beside herself with the wish to chase but I managed to stop her by tying her up to a tree and then I checked the area next to the trail where the deer had suddenly appeared. Below is a photo of the "deer bed," which was only 5 steps from our walking trail.

Since the winds were high and the wind chill was -23 C (-9 F), I chose to not stay outside too long. Given the weather conditions, I was very surprised to find a mosquito in our house when I returned. It was doing pushups on our bathroom mirror. Where did it come from? I don't know of any standing water in the house and it certainly did not come in from outside.


robin andrea said...

I love that first shot so much. It is so beautiful. We had our first frost this morning. I didn't take any photographs of it. Now I wish I had.

The mosquito shot is incredible. It is surprising that you have one in the house so late in the year. It sure is cold there these days.

Do you think the deer will return to that spot to sleep again?

T. Beth said...

What a lovely frost photo! I don't recall ever seeing narrow, regular lines of frost like that before.

Mary Ann said...

The mosquito! I love it. It's the colors I'm planning to use in redecorating a guest room. Do you show your work? Can I buy a copy?