Friday, November 18, 2005

Cool Morning

Here is a photo of our first sunrise over snow for the season. I hear there is no snow just a few km east and west of our place so we were the lucky ones I guess.

It was a cool - 8 C (+ 18 F) this morning so I took all my morning photos inside. Below is a close up of one of the Geraniums that we brought inside a couple of weeks ago.

And following is a photo of down on a feather that we found outside quite some time ago that was catching the morning sun in the window in an interesting way.

One last photo...just look what happened when Églantine held a small bottle up to the sun and the camera in her other hand!


robin andrea said...

That bottle photograph is so beautiful! And the snowy sunrise... lovely, as always.
I can't believe it's gotten as cold 18 degrees already. Wow! winter has really arrived. We're stuck in the 40s temp range, and it's been foggy. No good light for anything.
Enjoy the sparkling clear light that comes after a snow.

swamp4me said...

Okay, repeat after me: 18 F is cold, not cool. =~)

Anonymous said...

Can't stay long as sOmeWon is waiting by the lit fireplace for me : )

Good blog entry.

BTW Thank you RD : )

Ontario Wanderer said...

RD, Yes, the cool temperatures were a bit of a shock as it's been warm here too.

S4M, OK, I was being a bit facetious but last January, on my birthday, it was -25 C (-13 F) with a wind chill of -32 C (-25 F) and a few years ago I was cross-country skiing in wind chills of -40 C (-40 F). Now that's cold!

E, Yes the fire was almost an nice as the company.