Sunday, November 20, 2005

Snow is Gone For Now

Temperatures were well above freezing yesterday and almost all the snow has disappeared. My cross-country skis remain dusty. Sigh!

Last spring I cut a new trail through some apple trees on the property. I have no idea how many apples are ususal for these trees but there seem to be many left for the deer. Our dog, Calla, and I ate apples from these trees almost every day for a couple of months as we walked under them but we did not really make a dent in the crop. I think we should have picked more to bring in the house for later but we left them for the deer and other animals instead. I am sure they will enjoy them.

I was out with the camera before the sun was down yesterday and caught the late sun kissing the west field of wild flowers remnants.

And just after sunset, I caught the western sky with my camera.


Dave said...

Found you a while back from Dharma Bum. Even quoted you once on my rip rap blog. Came back today cause I saw lene chatting withou on whorled leaves. Stunning pics. I see you got snow recently. Us too here just south of Lake Ontario (Fairport NY). Not near as much though. just enough to cling to cars and telephone lines.


robin andrea said...

Such nice, warm light on that west field. We had a sunset on Friday that looks so much like yours from last night. I'll probably post it soon. Love those soft, pastel clouds just above the deepest orange-red horizon.

T. Beth said...

What a pretty dog! Three of my dogs, the retrievers (gluttons all), adore apples and would probably make themselves sick on them. I already have a problem with them gorging on fallen mesquite beans and getting sick, but they are even more fond of apples!

Ontario Wanderer said...

D, Thanks for visiting again.

RD, Glad you liked the photos!

TB, Calla thanks you for the compliment and says to tell you that she loves grapes and raspberries too. I am sure she would enjoy your mesquite beans to excess also.

Lené Gary said...

I especially like the shot of the green trail with the pup. :)