Monday, November 28, 2005

More Snow Photos

I took a few more snow photos, quickly; quickly because our strange weather patterns are melting the snow. The temperatures have been going up since yesterday morning and kept going up last night. They are to continue going up all day and rains are to fall today too.

I had a better Queen Anne's Lace in my view finder just before Calla, our dog, ran by. After I took her back to her pen, I got this second best snow capped QAL photo.

Here are some tracks that I can identify. Calla was walking just ahead of me. We also saw older fox tracks, deer tracks, and lots of rabbit tracks but they were not clear enough for a good photo. Maybe later.

As the snow melts off the shrubs and trees, one can sometimes capture the odd drop.


robin andrea said...

The Queen Anne's Lace photo is really lovely. Also the odd drop. All of it, OW, so beautiful with the snow.

Ontario Wanderer said...

RD, I am glad you are enjoying my photos. Your comments are all so positive. Thank you!!!