Monday, November 14, 2005

From Small to Tall

Here are some fungi that we found under a tree on our property.

Here is a White Pine tree that is growing on the grounds of the Glenhyrst Art Gallery in Brantford.

Not far from the fungi was a milkweed pod that had lost all of its seeds. Inside the pod it looked like this:

Here is another view of the pines at Glenhyrst.


T. Beth said...

Those pines trees look amazingly tall. Were their lower branches pruned or are they just normally like that?

swamp4me said...

Are those white pines as in Pinus strobus or are they some other species?

Paul said...

Once again - WOW!

What camera do you have? I'm thinking of replacing mine and am looking for comparisons.

Ontario Wanderer said...

TB, They are tall but not nearly as tall as some of the virgin growth pines that I have seen further north. I suspect that these trees have been trimmed a bit but it is natural for them to drop off many of the lower branches. According to my books, one can sometimes go up 25 m (82 feet) before finding the first branch on an older pine. The average height, these days, is around 30 to 35 m (100 - 115 ft) with the maximum height being 70 m (240 ft). The average life span is 250 years with maximum being up to 450 years. Many, many of the White Pines were cut by the British in the 1800 due to Napoleon's cutting them off from their European lumber supply. It is our provincial tree here in Ontario.

S4M, Yes it is Pinus strobus.

IW, My partner and I just bought a new Finepix S9000. (It's too expensive for me to buy on my own. It's an early Christmas present for both of us and we may have to pile on extra sweaters to stay warm and reduce fuel costs this winter.) This is the third model of Finepix that I have owned or shared so I guess I am happy with the make. Canon cameras also have a fine reputation with one of my camera friends. I like Finepix due to their supermacro function that allows one to get within 1 cm of a subject. Any more questions, go to my wildflower site and find my e-mail address.

Lené Gary said...

I love the close-ups and the tall trees. The mushrooms made me wish I was teeny-tiny so that I could crawl under their caps.

robin andrea said...

I love the composition in the pine photos. It is so beautiful to see the whole tree. Really great stuff here.

I joined Flickr, and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it! I'm trying to change my icon, so I show up on your contact list with a picture of something. Thanks so much for invite.