Thursday, February 20, 2020

Beckett Walk & Sit Spot - February 20, 2020

Fleur-Ange and I attended the Beckett Walk today at Pinehurst Lake Park. The trails wandered up and down through thickly planted pines and circled in ways that I could not keep in my head. The map below is from my Garmin watch, downloaded after I got home,  and shows how we circled about and got lost at one point. Well, not really lost as we did find a map but it it difficult to read maps when you do not know what direction you are facing . . .

February 20, 2020 5:27 p.m.
Sit 390 : Brush Pile W : Partly Sunny 
-6° (-12°) nw 17-26 kph    51% humidity 

Saw one White-tailed Deer as we got to Sit Spot 
(Jet, traffic noise)
(United Airlines flight 2065...)

Blue Jays,
Mourning Doves,
White-breasted Nuthatch,
Red-bellied Woodpecker,
Black Squirrels,
Grey Squirrels,
Red Squirrel.

Photo Site #1 - East Willow

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Jenn Jilks said...

That looks like my path when I;m in the wetland. My GPS needs help, too.