Saturday, March 30, 2019

Sumac Seed

           Last Wednesday, as I sat at my "sit spot" to listen to sounds and observe sights around the area, sunshine suddenly broke through the clouds and a ray of sunshine reflected off a small object right in front of me on the ground. 
It appeared, at first sight, to be a brightly coloured jewel. When I looked more closely, it turned out to be a single seed of a Staghorn Sumac. 

            So I am wondering, how could I have been out and about for over 70 years without ever seeing a unique single sumac seed on the ground before? I have often seen clumps of seeds but never a single seed on its own. 

            Now that I have taken a close-up photo and projected it on the  computer, I think I also see the beginnings of a root or maybe a stem at the side of the seed.

            I continue to be amazed at what I have missed over the years when looking around.

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