Thursday, March 21, 2019

Aspen Twig & Killdeer

           On the dog walk this morning I found an Aspen twig on the ground that a squirrel had nipped off the tree. It seemed like a good opportunity to photograph the catkin that was opening as all of the ones in the trees were way too high to get a good photo.

            I used the flash on the iPhone  camera to make up for the bright sky in the background. When I put the photo on Instagram I added other names:

Trembling Aspen
Quaking Aspen
(Populus tremuloides)
Peuplier Faux-tremble
ᐋᐧᐱᒥᑐᐢ = Cree symbols
Wâpimitos = Cree in English letters
Tsoskwe’ió:wane = Mohawk in English letters

            On the Beckett Walk today we walked on the rail trail near Paris. The highlight of the birds that I heard was the first Killdeer of the season. (I have yet to hear one on our property, but others in the Hamilton area have been reporting them.)

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