Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sunday Observations

            Sunrise this morning came with a sun pillar:

            As I started the dog walk this morning, I noticed that the large Puffball that I found last fall has made it through the winter without falling apart.

            Notes from my Sit Spot

March 17, 2019 9:40 a.m.
Sit 336: Brush Pile West : Mostly Sunny 
-4° (-7°) NW wind: 6-9 kph    74% humidity 

Sounds of the morning:
Mourning Doves,
(Jet flying overhead, traffic noise),
(Air Canada Jazz flight 183 +),
Blue Jays,

Woodpecker drumming.

            Other observations as I walked our dog, Sadie:

Still lots of ice in shady spots along the trails;

Almost fell a few times but managed to stay on my feet;
Felt very quiet out in spite of bird songs because of low wind speeds;
Heard Bluebirds and Robins as I walked along the west meadow trail near the Sumacs;
The ice on the West Pond is very high i.e. out of the usual banks of the pond and over the trail;

            Catkins on the Willows and Aspens are out of their winter coverings and looking gray and fuzzy on some of the trees but all too high to photograph. I could only see them via binoculars.

             Spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon trying to finish rebuilding the bird feeder. Hope to finish after I do this blog . . .

 . . . finished the bird feeder!

            Saw 8 Wild Turkeys in the field north of the highway as I went out walking along the road and then, back home, saw an Eastern Bluebird in the small Walnut Trees just west of the house. (Sorry to not get any photos!)

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