Sunday, April 07, 2019

Hamilton's Around-the-Bay 30 k Race

Waiting to Start

Barb, Coach Ron, Coachette Wendy, Donna, Steve

Dave & Anita

Fleur-Ange & niece Heather

Heather on the way to start line

Start line in far distance from pedestrian overpass

Race starting . . . 

Here come the leaders

All the men and women that would finish
in the top 5 were in front

A closer look at women who finished in top 5

For 5 minutes the crowd of runners was this thick

Heather at beginning of the race

Donna about to go under the pedestrian bridge.
(I am the dark figure on the bridge.)

First to finish just seconds from new record
Daniel Kemoi - 1:32:57

2nd - Panuel Mkungo 1:34:08

3rd - Dylan Wykes 1:35:04

4th - Haron Sirma 1:35:54

5th - Jean Marie Vianney Uwajeneza 1:39:38

First Female to Finish
Mengistu Emebet 1:45:57

2nd Female - Dayna Pidhoresky 1:49:03

3rd Female - Salome Nyirarukundo 1:50:03

4th Female - Rachel Hannah 1:51:43

5th Woman - Krista Duchene 1:56:29

First of the Road Rebel Runners to finish
Anita Bosagri-Chevarie and Dave Schoenfeld

Heather Kingsley almost at end - finished 3:11:20

Heather in recovery mode

Fleur-Ange took all photos of top finishers,
 of Heather at start and finish, and of Donna on the street.
Dean took photos of Road Rebel Runners
and photos from the pedestrian bridge.

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