Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Routines

        Finally, after a week and a few days, I am getting into autumn routines. I still have not been to the gym on a regular schedule but maybe next week events will fall into place. There are many chores  to be done to get the property ready for winter such as a last bit of mowing, putting benches away, cleaning up the various gardens, shearing the goats, etc. Hoping it will all get done before the snow flies.

        On the way to doing all that, there is still the regular dog walking, taking photos, and trying to read old mail from last month.  Following are three photos from the dog walk this morning:

Frost Aster (aka Old Field Aster)
 Aster velu
(Symphyotrichum pilosum)

Highbush Cranberry
Viorne trilobée
(Viburnum trilobum) 

Anémone de Virginie
(Anemone virginiana)

1 comment:

robin andrea said...

Lovely photos. Just reading about preparing for winter reminds me of why we left the Sierra foothills. No snow here on the north coast. I may miss that beautiful snowy white scenery, but I'll be glad that I don't have to prepare for it. Good luck with it!