Saturday, October 18, 2014

Friday Flowers

            Every Friday I go out looking for wild and/or naturalized flowers and make a list. This past Friday I spent time in the natural parts of the Royal Botanical Garden's Arboretum and then spent a couple more hours walking along the Hamilton Waterfront Trail.  Following is a list of the blooms that I found on this mid-October afternoon:

            (I tried to put in a table with English, French, and Latin names but it would not upload for some reason.)

Alyssum, Hoary *
Aster, Calico (Starved Aster)
Aster, Frost
Aster, Heart-Leaved
Aster, Heath
Aster, New England
Aster, Panicled
Avens, Catling's *
Beggar Tick
Beggar Tick, Tall

Bindweed, Hedge

Bugleweed, Rough
Bugloss, Viper's *
Butter-And-Eggs *
Catnip *
Celandine *
Chickweed, Mouse-Ear *

Chicory *

Clover, White *
Clover, White Sweet *
Comfrey, Common *
Coneflower, Tall
Coneflower, Thin-Leaved * 
Coreopsis, Tall
Crown-vetch, Purple (Crown Vetch) *
Dandelion, Common *
Dandelion, Red-Seeded *
Dogwood, Red-Osier (S)
Evening Primrose, Common
Fleabane, Daisy
Galinsoga *
Galinsoga, Small-Flowered
Goldenrod, Canada
Goldenrod, Lance-Leaved
Goldenrod, Tall
Groundsel, Common * 
Groundsel, Sticky * (S.Ragwort)


Herb Robert *
Knotgrass, Common *
Knotweed, Japanese *
Mallow, Common(Cheeses) *
Medick, Black *
Mustard, Black *
Nightshade, Eastern Black
Nipplewort *
Pink, Deptford *
Queen Anne's Lace *
Ragweed, Common
Ragweed, Perennial (Western)
Raspberry, Wild Red (S)
Smartweed, Water
Sow Thistle, Common *
Sow Thistle, Field *
Sow Thistle, Spiny-Leaved *
Storksbill *
Swallowwort *
Thistle, Bull *
Touch-Me-Not, Spotted
Vetch, Cow * (Tufted V.)
Wallrocket *
Witch Hazel
Wormwood, Sweet *

        The * means that the plants are not native to our area but have come elsewhere, mostly from Europe or Asia. The (s) is for shrubs and other names in parentheses are common alternate names.


Lorac said...

I didn't know the first one was called Bind Weed. We get it here. Very attractive flower.

elitenannies said...

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