Friday, October 03, 2014

October 3 Run

        After our 29 day walk and a bit of a mountain climb on the day after I decided it was time to run again. The Hamilton Run-2-Hope half marathon is just over a month away and I've not run for a month. (Does walking close to half marathon distance for 25 of the last 29 days count as running preparation?) During the first hour of my 15 km run I was wondering if the walks were helping or hindering my abilities but, finally, my breathing settled down and my hips stopped hurting and the last part of the run was more comfortable. With less verbal noise following was my run today.

Left the B&B around 9:30 a.m.

 I did not realize that the first couple of km were uphill when we were driving.

Columbus Day is coming soon.

People in cars can check the road around the corner
 with this mirror.

I am still checking out unique mailboxes.

Given the choice, why would I choose Mountain Road 
over Pantry Road?

Climbing, climbing, and I almost fell over
as I was dizzy when I stopped to take 
this photo.

Yes, I was feeling slow and wobbly by the time I saw this sign.
Still climbing. Still trying to run.

This looks better. It's a nice dirt/gravel road.
But what is that in the background?

The road is getting narrower.

Humm, this may be interesting.

A bit of water in the road does not look bad.

Time to walk a bit.
Did I mention that I am still climbing?

At last some downhill has appeared.

I did not think I was going to see this.
I think I missed a turn somewhere.

At least the road is better now.
And it is downhill.

Ah, pavement. Nice to finish on an easier surface.

At last, Fleur-Ange's RAV. Made the 15+ km
in just over 2 hours. Not fast but it was a workout!


robin andrea said...

That looks like quite a run. It's pretty incredible to know how far you have walked, and that you followed up with a 15K run. And you document the whole thing with wonderful photos. Great job!

Fleur-Ange said...

Glad you are back on course.

Thanks for taking the time out to walk to Deerfield with moi.


Pablo said...

Looks like a good run to me under those various conditions. Good luck on your half.