Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Sunrise - January 8, 2014

The daylight hours have been getting longer since December 21 but all the extra minutes were going onto the end of the day. Sunrise was still arriving later until December 30 when it happened at 7:54 at our latatude and longitude. Since December 30th, the sunrise has remained at 7:54 or at least was rounded off to 7:54. Today, for the first time in 2014, the sunrise was earlier. It was 7:53 a.m. It will be a few seconds earlier each day until near the end of the month when it will start coming up a full minute earlier for a while. Nice to know that we have turned the corner in terms of sunrise. With any luck I may sleep in until after sunrise . . . in about 6 months . . . for a day or two . . . maybe. Actually, I almost never get up that late. The "earliest" that the sun comes up is around the summer solstice and then it comes up at 5:41 and since I almost always get up at 5:00 or before, I will still be up in time to watch the sun come up.

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robin andrea said...

Such a lovely sunrise there.