Thursday, January 23, 2014

Still Cool Around the Edges

        Sixteen degrees Celsius below freezing this morning but it warmed  up to -12 this afternoon. Hoping for even warmer on the weekend. The photo below does not show the fine flakes of snow or ice crystals that were coming down just at sunrise this morning but the cold temperatures are probably evident to the eye.

        Got through my 71st birthday a couple of days ago with little fuss and bother. I did the regular routines of volunteer work at the local organic farm and then some work out time in the gym. The only real difference was the load of Facebook and e-mail greetings. I think there were over 60 of them. I did not realize that I had so many contacts that would take the time to drop a line. The next day, Fleur-Ange treated me to lunch which was an unexpected treat. Now if the dogs would only start behaving . . .

        (Ardis, is this easier for you to read?)

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