Friday, January 03, 2014

Mystery Vine

I found an interesting vine today when I was walking in the Royal Botanical Garden's Arboretum wilderness area. It was right beside the Capt. Cootes trail about 100 metres west from the connecting trail from the shrub collection. I was attracted to the tendrils that wrapped around several small trees and shrubs.

It was the fairly bright orange tendrils that attracted me at first and then it was the length of the vine that kept me looking. It rambled along for at least 3 or 4 metres in each direction from the starting point and climbed up as it went along from tree to shrub to tree. It was at least 3 metres up by the time it finished. I recognize and know grape vines and poison ivy vines but this was neither. I suspect that it may be a Carrion Flower vine but they are not listed as being as long as this one was. If not Carrion Flower vine, then what? 

I will have to go back in the spring and see if it is still there or starting over. 

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