Thursday, February 07, 2013

Spent almost all day yesterday working with Fleur-Anges on her art project. My computer/technical/slide show/video skills seem to have met their match. I am beating my head against an electronic wall. My only luck so far has been bad luck. Sigh!

OK, a few more details: she wants a video of a slide show with text and audio alternating in three languages, English, French, and Mohawk.  We have the texts all written. We have the audio all recorded. I have, I think, figured out how to put them all together on the computer. The main problem is getting them to work on a photo frame. I can get slides to work. I can get audio to work. I cannot get the video to work and I cannot get the slides and audio to work together without putting them on a video.

The good news, I guess, is that my swearing skills are getting a good work out and may be improving.

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Anonymous said...

You'll get it figured out, perhaps with a bit more swearing. Good luck!