Thursday, February 14, 2013

Trail Run

I attempt to run three days a week.

On Tuesdays I have been running at the indoor track at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre mostly because I am tired after my half day work at the Plan B organic farm.

Thursdays were my outdoor 6 k running days during the fall and early winter but for the last several weeks I have been doing that one at the Gretzky track also due to cold, windy, snowy weather.

Saturday is my usual "long slow run" where the distance increases most weeks with the odd one being a shorter distance just to let my legs recover. The goal is to prepare for the 30 km "Round-the-Bay" race in Hamilton in March of this year.

Today, being Thursday, I decided to try running outdoors again and I really wanted to run on the trails instead of the road. I have "Yaktrax" [] which is a bit like having chains on my running shoes. They are excellent for keeping one from slipping on hard packed snow and ice. That being said, the trail was not nice today. Instead of nice packed snow and ice there were ruts from a 4-wheeled vehicle that had been over the trails for some reason. The tracks were a bit too narrow for me to run inside and the part in the middle was anything from loose snow to lumpy snow with very few areas that were packed. It was probably on of my more difficult runs for the year.

Below are snapshots of the 7 hills that I ran up today on my 6 km run. I made it up all of them, after stopping at the bottom for quick photos, but it was tough going. I think I will be on the roads next week.

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