Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday, February 23

Well, I am having a good day so far today. I started off with what was supposed to be a 25 km run. It turned out to be only 24.76 km but I did not complain about it or run around the parking lot to make the full distance either. I am pleased to still be able to walk around this afternoon.

After the run, I went to the SPCA to get our new dog. Fleur-Ange went early yesterday and had the first walk with her and paid for her as a birthday present for me even though I thought we were splitting the cost as we do for most things. Turns out that this dog is a very special present indeed. OK, we might just be in honeymoon period, but our first afternoon together has been very nice. Our new dog, a shepherd/lab cross, is female and 2 1/2 years old. She is very friendly and met most of our animals already with only long looks and offers to touch noses. Only Gertrude, our older goat, took up Sadie on the nose touching but it seemed to go well. Our donkey, Leroy, and Alice, our younger goat, kept their distance but Sadie did not bark at them at all. She also just looked at the chickens and did not look like she wanted to do any chasing. Not sure where Peep, our goose, was hiding but I am sure we will see her later. When Sadie tried to touch noses with Princess, our indoor cat, Princess swatted her. Sadie just backed off and then did not get close to her the next time she passed by. We have not seen our ourdoor cat yet. Inside, Sadie walks about quietly and has only knocked a few things down with her happily swinging tail. No problems yet.

I am not sure how good this photo is as my glasses are in at the shop and I have a choice of very old glasses or my contacts and neither give me the sharp vision I need for camera or computer work. Looking forward to new glasses early next week.


pablo said...

Good work on the run. (I have run figure eights in parking lots to make up the last quarter miles.) And good luck with the new family member. My dod Flike couldn't bark or walk when he came home with us -- at least that's what we thought. Turns out he can do both really, really well!

Anonymous said...

Aw gee, what a beautiful dog; what a lovely gift!