Sunday, October 01, 2006

Race etc.

So far it's not been the best computer day I've had. Maybe the worst? It appears that my computer is not alive this morning. It will not start. It gives a brief buzz and then quits. So, for now, the photos I had ready for the blog this morning are not available. I am also without my usual software and all my summer photos as I was very far behind in backups. I do hope that they are not all lost. (This is being written on Églantine's laptop computer.)

The race? Yesterday, I participated in a 25 km (15 mile +) trail run through the damp hills and valleys of Pinehurst Conservation Area near Paris, Ontario. I had a map and a bit of speed information on the other computer but . . . . Anyway, I finished the race on my feet, without any falls or physical damage other than what one normally gets from long distance running. I was almost twice as slow as the race winners. The course was two laps of a 12.5 km circle and I heard the winner come in to the finish about a minutes after I passed it the first time. There were many water, food, and aid stations around the course and we had a fine meal with music after the race in a huge tent. Have a look at for the map and then you can bounce about the links for any other information that you want. Meanwhile, I am going to poke around on my old computer to see if I can get it started on my own. (It worked fine last night!)


Marnie said...

Any luck? I'm hoping it's nothing too serious. There are lots of good computer geeks out there who can rescue your data, I'm sure, even if it seems all is lost.

Congrats on the race!

Anonymous said...

How I envy your ability to run. I used to run, back before my "intelligently designed" knees decided that they had reached the end of their service lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

Hope upi get it going without losing all your stuff. Your photos are so special!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Marnie, Yes, luck, bad so far. Actually I don't know if I've lost anything yet other than my computer's use for a few days.

Mark Paris, Yes, knees can be a problem at times. I was off running for 6 years with sore knees and then found a treatment that worked. So, I've gone from 42 km to 0 km to 25 during the last eight years. I'm not sure that I can work my way back up to 42 again but it's nice to be back running again.

Threecollie, Thank you for the compliment on my photos!