Sunday, October 22, 2006

October Colours

On my October 20th personal wild flower search, I found 61 species in bloom. On one hand, that is amazing for this late in the year. On the other, since I have been out almost everyday someplace looking for flowers and have been helped by groups that I've led at least once each fall in late October for over 20 years, I do know where to look and have a good idea about what flowers will bloom this late. It also helps that the temperatures are warmer than they used to be.

The trees on our home property have mostly lost their leaves and it looks more like November than October here, but down by Lake Ontario, Hamilton Harbour and Cootes Paradise where the waters keep the land even warmer, the tree colours and wild flower blooms have held on later. Oh, the bird in the photo holding its wings out to dry is a cormorant. They are very common these days on the edge of Lake Ontario.


robin andrea said...

It's so pretty there. Wonderful fall colors. I like what you did with the flowers in the foreground.

We still have a lot of flowers blooming here too. I can go out and still cut a fine bouquet for the table. I think it's nearing the end though.

Anonymous said...

It is looking like November here too and feeling like an early winter. Hope I am wrong.

Linda said...

Beautiful--as you might have guessed, I love fall color.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Robin, I have been very slow to respond as there is a lot of computer software to reload in my computer. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is almost a week since I posted this blog and many of the garden flowers are finished but wild flowers continue.

Threecollie, Yes, soon it will be November and it is looking like it here. The area by Lake Ontario is looking less colourful this week.

Linda, I assume you had some good fall colours when you were in New England a week or two ago as they are further north, and higher, than we are. (Our latitude is about the same as mid-Nebraska.)

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

Wow - some excellent pictures! Did you use a macro lens?