Sunday, October 29, 2006

October Colours

Some of the colours of October are disappearing with all the rain and high winds of this past weekend.

We do have some colour in the barn where our gourds are drying.

And then there are sunset colours.


Endment said...

The colors of the gourds are especially calling to me... I love the blend of colors.

We are loosing our colors to the cold, the wind and rain also...

Now that the colors are muted - I am looking forward to the first snowfall :)

Tim Rice said...

Gourds are great fall decoration. And I loved that sunset photo at the end of your post.

robin andrea said...

Wonderful colors there. The sky is beautiful in those sunset colors.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Endment, We have had at least two snowy days so far but both times the snow melted as fast as it landed so if one was not watching one would never know it had snowed.

Tim, This was my first sucessful attempt at growing gourds. I will try again next year with some more varieties.

Robin, You have had some great colours up on your site lately too!