Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Quick Observations

The sunrise this morning was moody, a bit dark, and wonderful as usual. I do love it when the sun comes up to show me I am in a new day.

I found this Shaggy Mane (Coprinus comatus) on the shores of the Hamilton harbour yesterday and took several photos.

When I placed the camera on the ground and pointed it up I got this green glow. I suspect that it is a colour reflection from the grass.

Here is one of the strangest mushrooms that I have seen. It, and several like it, is growing on our lawn near an old stump.

One last photo just to show how beautiful the poison ivy is at this time of year. It's no wonder that some unlucky people pick it for table decorations.


Crowe said...

Great photos! Interesting that you call Coprinus comatus a "Shaggy Mane"; here in the UK it's known as a "Shaggy Ink Cap"

Ontario Wanderer said...

I may have that name in another of my mushroom books. I know I have heard it before. The name fits.

robin andrea said...

Shaggy Ink Cap fits perfectly!
I've been out photographing Shaggy Manes, too. I like the synchronicity of you up in Ontario, and me here on the peninsula pointing our cameras at the same things!
We're seeing the same beautiful things on this great planet of ours.
Lovely photographs, as always!