Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October - Grey & Gold

For much of the past two weeks, the sky has looked like this.

That being said, under the sky it's much brighter.

Some of the brightness is subdued at times.

Raindrops collecting on pines add their own bit of light.

In addition to enjoying the colours of the Sugar Maple in the 2nd photo, I also liked the Butter-and-eggs wild flowers dotted about the field. In spite of the late season and cool temperatures, we found 115 species of wild flowers in bloom last week. Have a look here for the list and some other photos.


robin andrea said...

That first photo looks so much like the pacific northwest. That is the trick of living here through the winters-- figuring out how to find light and shadow under all of that cloud cover.
The bright leaves do add so much color, warmth and beautiful contrast to the gray. Once they have fallen the hunt for light and color and light begins.

Crowe said...

That's some very Welsh-looking sky you've got there, OW. I think it's manufactured by sniggering imps in the middle of the Atlantic and then shared around the Atlantic nations.

Lené Gary said...

You've got some great looking color beneath those gray skies. We lost most of ours in the wind and rain before we ever saw it.

Anonymous said...

We so often take one thing for granted in the natural world, and that is light.
The cloud cover lately has acted like one big diffuser - if that's the word - or filter of some kind, where it seems that everything below is a more true, thick colour. Very rich and vivid.