Sunday, October 23, 2005


Once upon a time, in a small town, not far away from Ontario Wanderer's stopping place, there was a Pumpkinfest. Even though it was a cold, windy, rainy day pumpkins came from all around.

Some came by tractor.

Some came by car.

Some caught rides on passing bagpipes.

Some came spinning on the fingers of young, would-be, basketball players.

Some had private trailers...

pulled by very big trucks.

But all of them settled into large pumpkin trees to watch all the people from all around come to town.

(OK, I may have played with the first 4 photos but it was an interesting pumpkinfest day!)


swamp4me said...

Did the Pumpkinfest feature any tasty treats? Pumpkin pie? Pumpkin bread? Pumpkin soup? Roasted pumpkin seeds?? Man, I must have forgotten to eat breakfast...

Crowe said...

Haha - great post!

robin andrea said...

That's great. Looks like a fun-filled parade.

roger said...

warms my heart to see people out having fun and ignoring the rain.

KFarmer said...

looks like a good time to me! I love that picture of the little fella spinning his pumpkin-

Anonymous said...

love the pumpkin trees! do they light them at night?

Ontario Wanderer said...

S4M, Yes, I saw pumpkin pie for sale in various places and I am sure more was offered it other stores but we spent almost all of our time outside wandering.
SGJ, Thanks!
RD, The parade was fantastic and much, much larger than any of us expected from such a small town.
DPR, Well, some of us ignored the rain more than others. My perpetually sore back was well aware that it was out in cold, wet conditions and standing way too long.
KF, He was just as proud when it was a large orange ball that the busker put there.
A, Sorry the photo does not do the lights justice. The pumpkins had lights in them all day and, I assume, all night too. Clear X-mas sized lights made the trees just glow with colour.