Saturday, October 15, 2005

More From Art Show/Sale

The barn is filling with art.

Works by Églantine & Lis.

Monoprint and Mobile Sculpture by Ontario Wanderer.

Acrylic Paintings & Photos by Ontario Wanderer and Églantine.


Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy having such creative neighbors! The artists were very friendly and their works inspiring (glad to have some coming to my home!) Jean St-Pierre better known as STomPIERRE, was a GREAT touch! I do have to say that I am saddened now that I will have to wait until next year to see the barn in such a magical state. Dean works so hard to put this show on, not only getting the display areas ready, but also all the artwork he contributes in and around property. I look forward to many many many more years with Dean and Fleur Ange beside us!!! Hopefully next year you'll have some of my work up :-)


Ontario Wanderer said...

C, It's great to have such wonderful neighbours that encourage all of our creative activities now matter how strange some of them may look.