Saturday, October 08, 2005

Weekend Walk

Églantine is away so our dog Calla and I went to wander. We saw a train by "Dundas Peak."

We watched some water flow through some rocks.

We were glad we were not here when these rocks fell off the peak.

We stopped to look closely at some False Solomon Seal berries.


Crowe said...

You certainly do live in a beautiful part of the world, OW. A friend and I have a vague plan of cycling part of the Trans-Canada route. Work, dog and other commitments permitting, I hope one day we make this plan a reality.

robin andrea said...

It looks like you and Calla had a fantastic day. You do live a beautiful place. The colors on Dundas Peak are lovely.

Ontario Wanderer said...

We live 133 km (83 miles) from the place where the waters of Lake Erie fall over an escarpment on the way to Lake Ontario. The falls are called Niagara Falls. The same escarpment goes north through all of southern Ontario and passes just a few miles east of where we live. Dundas Peak is part of that escarpment. It is indeed a beautiful part of our province.

SGJ, When you do your trip, we have a spare bedroom for guests. Do stop by!

RD, Yes we had a grand day and the colours should get even better in a week or so.