Sunday, July 03, 2005

Twelve-spotted Skimmer

As my partner, Fleur-Ange, and I were walking the dog yesterday afternoon. Fleur-Ange noticed this dragonfly.

She approached the dragonfly with Tai Chi speed and patience and took over 40 digital photos in the process.

The abdomen of the dragonfly glowed a golden brown in the sunlight.

When Fleur-Ange got so close that she touched the dragonfly, it flew away but not before the camera recorded the hairs on the dragonfly's thorax.

We identified the dragonfly as a Twelve-spotted Skimmer (Libellula pulchella) using the Stokes Beginner's Guide to Dragonflies.


LauraJ said...

Fleur-Ange is obviously pretty amazingly cool. Nice pictures!

swamp4me said...

Perhaps I should take up Tai Chi :)

Great shots!

Rurality said...

Great macros!