Saturday, July 09, 2005


Are these new digital cameras incredible or what? On our walk this afternoon, we found this Meadowhawk (genus Sympertrum) neighbour and got a fairly close photo.

[According to Stokes Beginner's Guide to Dragonflies, red meadowhawks are very difficult to sort out in the field according to species.]

A few minutes later, we noticed one of our Homo sapiens neighbours, two fields over, at work with his hay baler. Fleur-Ange managed to get these photos of the hay being baled and thrown into the wagon behind. [I remember a different method from when I worked on the farm as a teen.]

Nowadays most farms that I see along the road make large round bales that it takes a tractor to move. It was nice to see some older technology at work making bales that can be handled by hand. I am sure the neighbours horses will enjoy these during the winter. Meanwhile, have a closer look at this machine throwing bales.


Anonymous said...

great photos!

Anonymous said...

We stopped down the road the other day to watch an old square-baler spit those bales out!
I've left you a response to your request on my site because I didn't have much luck emailing you!

Lené Gary said...

Horse power haying made the front page of our local paper the other day. Thought you might be interested. :)