Friday, July 22, 2005

Tomato Hornworm

Earlier in the week, Rurality had a Tomato (a.k.a. Tobacco) Hornworm on her website. Guess what we found on our tomatoes yesterday.

According to the website that Rurality noted, Tobacco Hornworms tend to be more southern and Tomato Hornworms tend to be more northern. Obviously, they both tend to be out and about right now. Sigh!

I guess if one cannot save the tomatoes, one should try to enjoy the colours of the pests.

It does not take too much manipulation to make them look more interesting.

(I just could not resist playing again!)


robin andrea said...

I like how you manipulated the photos. Nice hornworm kaleidoscope. Makes them look so beautiful and benign.

Anonymous said...

I don't have hornworms yet, but my tomatoes have been terrible. Every one I've cut into (5 so far) have been black inside. I'm glad I didn't eat any directly off the vine. I planted some obscure variety I found at the hardware store, so I suspect it's one without much vigor or genetic history to be reliable. Sigh.

Ontario Wanderer said...

RD, Glad you like my play with the photos.

P, Black inside? Are there worms or bugs too? Perhaps you should save a tomato and put it in a container to see what comes out. (Perhaps I should stop taking the cherry tomatoes off the vine and just popping them into my mouth.)

Rurality said...

Sorry to hear they got you too!

That last one looks like it should be attacking strawberries, LOL.