Sunday, July 03, 2005

Art Hike

For the past several years, I have led an "art hike" on the long weekend in July. I lead the hike up to one of my favourite waterfalls. (There are 28 other Hamilton Waterfalls to choose from, but I like this one the best.)

This year there were only three of us on the hike. We worked with leaves, rocks, scrap metal, and wood found in the area as well as paper and pencil. My partner, Fleur-Ange, found an interesting piece of scrap metal lying on the rocks and, after carefully balancing it on a log near the stream, covered it with leaves from the Garlic Mustard. (Garlic Mustard is a major weed pest so there was no problem with removing leaves from it.)

J. Bourke, one of our artist friends from the area, first helped me with gathering materials and then settled down with with her own pencil and paper to sketch an interesting tree with roots that were being washed by the stream.

While the others worked with leaves and paper, I built up a pile of wood with my own leaf work at the bottom and an old shelf fungus on top. (It will be years before Andy Goldsworthy has to worry about my work!)

On our way back towards the cars, we stopped to photograph this little pool among the rocks that was reflecting the leaves above.

It was a good and enjoyable day for all of us!


swamp4me said...

Nice. I never thought about doing an art hike. May have to borrow the idea and incorporate it into my program list :)

Anonymous said...

love ur pics they are absolutely breathtaking am not sucking up to u or nuthin' but u shud be proud of ur work you have full right to show it all off lol
drop on to my blog

robin andrea said...

What a great idea-- art hike-- we'll definitely give it a try. I love the works assembled from what was there before you. Beautiful.