Friday, July 08, 2005

Grape Knots

This blog is the result of collaboration between Fleur-Ange and I. She took an initial photo of part of a grape vine which impressed me. I asked for more and pointed out various "knots" that I liked and then took the photos to the computer to play. The results follow.

Just a plain knot:

A knot with a bit of extra:

My first attempt at combining three images:

My second attempt at combining. This time there are six layers:


Anonymous said...

Great concept! I might have to do this myself.

swamp4me said...

Excellent! You make me jealous, though - I am artistically impaired :)

Ontario Wanderer said...

Nuthatch, go for it!

Swamp4me, artistically impaired? Look at your blog! It's a true and beautiful work of art! Don't sell yourself short.

robin andrea said...

Beautiful, really so lovely. How nice to see the grape knots like that. It makes me think of Celtic art and wonder if sometimes they were looking at grape knots when they creating their treasures.

Rurality said...

Very nice! I like both the layered shot and the simpler ones.

Lené Gary said...

These pictures are awesome!!!