Saturday, July 30, 2005

Butterfly & Moth

One great spin off from doing this blog is that I, and my partner, are being more observant on our daily walks and learning about insects that we've not noticed before. It also is a good excuse for buying new field guides. Here is a butterfly that I am sure has been here all along but I have just not noticed it.

I am 90% sure that it is a Pearl Crescent (Phyciodes tharos). After spending lots of time trying to get a good photo of the butterfly with its wings spread, I found in the new field guide that the special crescent mark to look for is on the underside of the hind wing. Hopefully I will learn how to photograph butterflies soon.

Fleur-Ange found this moth on a Queen-Anne's Lace flower.

She reported that it was waving its antennae about wildly but she did get one in better focus on this side shot.

Pronouncing the first half of the moth's name, Virginia Ctenucha (Ctenucha virginica was fairly easy but the second half? Is it perhaps "TEN uh chuh"?


robin andrea said...

What beautiful critters you have there.
DPR and I feel the same way about our blog's influence on us. When we are out walking, we are much more observant. We've always had free attention and noticed a lot of things, but now, we see even more, and have been delighted by the abundance around us.
Reading other blogs like this one, has also been quite enriching. There are places we will never see, but for these shots that kind folks share with us.

Pamela Martin said...

I just wandered over from Science and Sarcasm to take a look--admired your Pearl Crescent, then followed one of your links to Swamp Things--a site I hadn't seen before--and lo and behold, another picture of a Pearl Crescent from half a continent away!