Sunday, February 01, 2009

Long Windy Snowy Run

Long Windy Snowy Run, originally uploaded on Flickr by Ontario Wanderer.

This is part of my running group at 6km of a 23 km run through very windy, snowy conditions today. Temperature was + 1 with a wind chill of - 4 and 40 km winds. (I ran a shorter 14 km distance in the cold yesterday. It was - 9 with a wind chill of - 18 and 30 km winds.) Both runners and snow were on the move both days. This is the last of my Flickr project 365 "movement" photos for this week.


Andrea said...

Love the photos on your blog! A visit from a fellow Ontario blogger! :)

Ontario Wanderer said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting Andrea! Glad you like the photos.