Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last Week the Garden Was Knee Deep in Snow

Last Week the Garden Was Knee Deep in Snow
Originally uploaded by Ontario Wanderer

As of today, I have seen this species of flower in bloom at least one time in every month of the year in southern Ontario, Canada. It is Periwinkle, an import from Europe, I think. I certainly did not expect any flowers at this time last week and, according to the forecast, it will be buried in snow again by tomorrow or the next day. We've a lot of winter to go yet but it was nice to have this little treat!

I also found three other species of plants in bloom yesterday: Pennycress, Common Chickweed, and Groundsel. There is also a Witch Hazel in bloom at the RBG Woodland Gardens.


Jenn Jilks said...

How delightful to see flowers somewhere in Ontario! Our garden is only ankle deep in snow, right now.

The lake is still frozen - except in little bays like ours, and there must be a layer of 20 cm of ice over most of it.

But spring will sprung, as sure as the moon and the sun will rise!

kerrdelune said...

Being somewhat further north, I am a little envious - no, make that a lot envious. We still have a way to go here, but I have already been dreaming of snowdrops.

Anonymous said...

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