Wednesday, November 08, 2006

November Wild Flowers

I thought there might be one or two people interested in what the Hamilton Naturalists' Club members and I found on a November wild flower walk that I led last Saturday, November 4. (Actually, I added a few others that I found on November 1,2, & 3 in other Hamilton locations.) Altogether we found 71 species in bloom. The names are below with an * beside the names of plants that are NOT native to our area but have naturalized nevertheless.

Alyssum, Hoary *
Aster, Arrow-Leaved
Aster, Calico (Starved Aster)
Aster, Frost
Aster, Heath
Aster, New England
Aster, Panicled
Avens, Wood *
Beggar Tick
Beggar Tick, Tall
Bittercress, Hairy *
Black-Eyed Susan
Bugleweed, Rough
Bugloss, Viper's *
Butter-And-Eggs *
Catnip *
Chickweed, Common *
Chicory *
Cinquefoil, Rough
Cinquefoil, Rough-Fruited *
Cinquefoil, Silvery *
Clover, White Sweet *
Coneflower, Tall
Daisy, Oxeye *
Dandelion, Common *
Dead-Nettle, Spotted *
Dogwood, Red-Osier
Evening Primrose, Common
Fleabane, Daisy
Galinsoga, Small-Flowered
Goldenrod, Blue-Stemmed
Goldenrod, Canada
Goldenrod, Lance-Leaved
Goldenrod, Tall
Goldenrod, Zigzag
Groundsel, Common *
Horehound, Black
Knapweed, Blackish (Tyrol Knapweed)
Knotgrass, Common *
Knotweed, Japanese *
Knotweed, Pink
Mallow, Common (Cheeses) *
Mayweed *
Medick, Black *
Motherwort *
Pennycress, Field *
Peppergrass, Wild
Periwinkle *
Queen Anne's Lace *
Ragweed, Common
Rocket, Dame's *
Saint Johnswort, Common *
Scorpion-Grass, Blue *
Smartweed, Water
Sow Thistle, Common *
Sow Thistle, Field *
Sow Thistle, Spiny-Leaved *
Spurge, Petty *
Storksbill *
Teasel *
Touch-Me-Not, Spotted
Vetch, Cow *
Vetch, Crown *
Witch Hazel
Wood Sorrel, Yellow

If there is any interest in getting Latin names for the flowers, have a look at my wild flower web site.


Endment said...

Thanks for the reminder ---
I am headed out to see which flowers remain out here in the woods...
the photo of the red rasberry blossom is inspiring (ok - my vocabulary is limited - beautiful... )

Ontario Wanderer said...

Endment, What did you find?