Thursday, November 23, 2006

Frosty Morning

When the sun finally came up yesterday, we had a frost show.

Here is a closer look at raspberry leaves.

Even the tops of fence posts looked good this morning.


Anonymous said...

So pretty. we have had a couple mornings like this too and the whole world looks as if it were gift wrapped.

Anonymous said...

Cold started turning morning dew into frost here as well.

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful morning, and that top photo is exceptionally fine.

I love the color and composition both!

Is that taken from your deck or porch?

Lené Gary said...

Your frost shots are beautiful. We've had such warm weather lately that there hasn't been much frost to see here.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Threecollie, We are supposed to have cold weather starting tomorrow, December 1st, but we've not had much frost since I last posted.

Romunov, I think you have had some warm weather in Europe too in the last week or so.

Jim, The photo was taken from a second floor window. We took the screens off for the winter so we could lean out and take quick photos on cold days. We've not had many cold days yet but I think they will arrive sometime soon.

Lené, Thanks for your comment. As you can see from the notes above, our frost has been missing lately too. Maybe next week?