Monday, November 06, 2006

Ants View

If you've read the sidebar of this blog, you know that Églantine and I both post photos on a web site called Flickr. Within Flickr, there are lots of photo pools and one that I belong to is called Utata. This pool often puts up challenges for photos and this past weekend's challenge was to make a photo from an ant's view. Following are my contributions:

First, and I think my best, is an ants view of a Milkweed seed that just landed on a Mullein leaf.

Second is an ants view of Solomon Seal leaves and a stem.

And lastly was an ants view looking skyward towards a Mullein and a Queen Anne's Lace.


Lené Gary said...

I love these! I especially like the milkweed. On the subject of milkweed, I read an article the other day about how the monarch population is directly affected by the milkweed in Texas. Have you heard about that? It was new to me. They were reporting on our outstanding numbers of migrating monarchs this year.

Anonymous said...

That's a clever idea.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Lené, I'd not heard about the Texas connection, but it does not surprise me.

Pablo, Thanks!

Pam in Tucson said...

I love these photos! Such a great viewpoint, beautifully done. I hope one day to be able to master macro shots like these.