Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Random Nature Photos

Each Friday I volunteer at the Royal Botanical Gardens in the herbarium and then, before driving home, I visit various wild and semi-wild places on the RBG property or in nearby conservation areas to look for wild flowers. In addition to wild flowers, I also observe birds, insects, trees, etc., etc. Following are three more photos from last Friday's ramble.

The Red-winged Blackbird was in the marsh by the boardwalk in RBG's Hendrie Valley trails.

The mushroom was at ground level so it may have been from the ground or a stick or stump at ground level beside a path in the RBG rose garden.

This Wisteria grows beside, and over, one of the connecting paths in the RBG rose garden.


kerrdelune said...

What a splendid thing it was to be taking a walk with you on Friday, and I would have loved to be at the Royal Botanical Garden which is a splendid ramble at any time.

Anonymous said...

When it cooperates, wisteria makes a wonderful vine, doesn't it?

Lowa said...


Sounds like a lovely walk. Wish I could come!!!

Rachel said...

Wisteria is so beautiful when it blooms. I have never seen the blooms last very long though.

Great pictures!!

Jimmy said...

Beaytiful I like the last picture the best.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Kerrdelune and Lowa, Please feel free to drop by anytime for the walk.

Pablo, I've no experience in try to make it cooperate but the RBG did a good job and we have some photos from Monet's garden in Giverny, France that make the RBG's look shoddy.

Rachel and Jimmy, Thanks for dropping by and commenting so favourably.

threecollie said...

The wisteria is just gorgeous and the arbor it grows on so very inviting.