Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Flying Things

Here is a quick post about one moth and one butterfly. I hope I have identified them correctly. The first, I believe, is an Eight-spotted Forester moth (Alypia octomaculata). Églantine took the photo about two weeks ago on one of our flower walks and one of the participants has been waiting ever since for the photo to come up. Sorry it took so long!

The butterfly is an Easter Comma (Polgonia comma) that Églantine and I found this past Sunday on a walk near the Grand River. It looks rough which makes us think it might be one that overwintered as an adult.

I got a photo when its wings were closed. Both open and closed wings are useful in making the ID for this butterfly.


Anonymous said...

I'd agree with both of those IDs. Nice shot of the Eight-spotted Forester. They have such interesting wing markings and furry legs.

consise10 said...

Butterflies are truily beautiful creatures whom I would see alot more of as a child.Can't tell you when the last time was i saw one fluttering around the place.It seems they are rare to find thesedays.