Thursday, June 01, 2006

Damselflies and a Garden Photo

I think this is an Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly. What do you think?

This is probably the same species of Spreadwing Damselfly that Églantine photographed yesterday. It's just a different angle. Agree? Disagree?

This is the garden after three days of not weeding. Sigh! It will keep us busy. You can see the children's circle maze garden made by three youngsters (5, 3, and 1 year old) with help from their parents, Églantine, and I. as well as our tomatoes, potatoes, peas, and Rue if you look closely.


Tim Rice said...

Gorgeous photos. I love them.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Thanks Tim!

kerrdelune said...

Looks like them to me, and the pic of one with fluttering wings is gorgeous. Love the garden too by the way! No Monarchs this far north yet, but I am looking as that is one of my markers for summer.

Jimmy said...

That is one awesome looking garden...even though it is small...they are sometimes the best. Love the photos as well.

clairesgarden said...

what amazing photographs.
I love the spiral garden, in permaculture one of the important aspects of growth is edge, I think you have that one!!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Kerrdelune, You can have the summer. I like the butterflies and flowers but the heat, black flies, and mosquitoes make the summer hard for me to bear.

Jimmy, Thanks! Yes the garden is small but it, and the nine, ten, eleven other beds planted with flowers, herbs, and ferns keep us busy. (I didn't realize we had that many plots until I started counting this morning.)

Clairesgarden, I hope we can keep the edge.

Maureen said...

thanks for continuing to share the progress of this beautiful small spiral garden. Your kids must be super proud of their handiwork -- no matter the weeds (!) the veggies and rue are growing well! I have yet to put my vegetable starts in the ground. It's time this week, though!

I'm with you on the summer heat -- I seek shade during summer, whenever I'm outside. I have friends who prefer to sit in the sun at all times, they think I'm nuts. It takes all kinds, I say .... we're lucky not to have many insect pests -- at least not in town, where we live. Some places in Montana can rival Alaska for the legendary huge blood-sucking mosquitoes, though.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right - that's a male Ebony Jewelwing. The female of the species is usually very dark -- black or sort of bronzy-black with black wings and little white stigma near the tips. I'm not sure about the Spreadwing damselfly -- left a note about that one on the previous post. Great shots!

Ontario Wanderer said...

Ravengrrl, We shall put up more of the garden photos as the season progresses. The two older children live about 20 km from the garden so they will not see it too often but the youngest lives next door. She will appreciate the gardens more when she is a bit older I am sure.

Bev, Thanks for the confirmation. I actually had a photo of the female too but it was not blog quality.