Saturday, June 03, 2006

Friday Finds

One of the brightest flowers of the swamp or streamside in our area is the wild Yellow Iris.

At the other extream of soil, in sunny, dry, sandy, hot railway banks, there grows the Hairy Beardtongue.

And for those of you that might not know, Poison Ivy too has a flower. Sorry this photo is not too sharp but the plants are just beginning to bloom and I was not willing to crawl into the middle of the patch for this photo. I'll try for a better photo when I can find a plant in bloom next to the path.


Endment said...

Very impressive!
I love the iris and the hairy beardtongue but ----- Those poison ivy blossoms - not for me!

Jimmy said...

Very nice...our blue flag iris are starting to bloom along the river.

Anonymous said...

I've read that global warming is going to be a boon to poison ivy, causing it to grow more lushly and spread more widely. I have the conceit that I am fairly immune to poison ivy, but I think it is more likely that I am good at identifying it and avoiding it.

Nice pix, as always.

kerrdelune said...

Oh my, wild irises and hairy beardtongues, what gorgous jewels in the woodland green they are! I can do without the poison ivy though.

Maureen said...

I love your photo of the hairy beardtongue. Have always loved penstemons -- they're one of the best perennials in gardens and so many to choose from when thinking of what to plant. But I especially love the name: beardtongue for the image it evokes in my mind: a bearded tongue ... kissing that? heheh.

re: poison ivy, we're lucky it does not grow in Montana -- at least east of the divide. There might be a little poison ivy in the extreme western part of Montana. We visit friends in southern Oregon and northern California frequently -- and have to watch out for poison oak, which you probably know, is in the same family, Rhus (sumac) and has the same active poison, urushiol.

When I was little, I remember helping my parents clear a 2 acre site so Dad could build a house for our family. The whole family helped clear out the smaller trees and all of the underbrush. It was dense! And lots of poison ivy. I got a really bad rash from burning the slash piles.

Ontario Wanderer said...

Endment, I still want a better photo of the Poison Ivy.

Jimmy, We found Blue Flag last evening in a nearby swamp area.

Pablo, I have pulled out Poison Ivy by the roots in my youth. It was growing in the cracks of the sidewalk at a camp swimming pool. I never got a rash at the time but bave had a reaction twice since even though I've walked through it thousands of times.

Kerrdelune, Thanks!

Ravengrrl, Burning Poison Ivy is one of the worst ways to deal with it.