Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Ice Storm Wednesday


           I seldom miss going into town for a gym class on Wednesdays. I usually workout in the gym on the Arc Trainer or the treadmill then do some plank time followed by a bridge for a couple of minutes and then a headstand for another two minutes before going to the machines or weights. Using that as a warm up, I then go to a pilates class. Today we had freezing rain and I decided to stay at home.

            Just for the record, it did stop with freezing rain just before nightfall and the dog and I went out for a short walk. Because it was getting dark already I did not get any good photos but I do want to put up a couple just to jog my memory.

                   You need to use your imagination a bit, but if you do you can see a Screech Owl in the bird box.

            (My computer is not working properly so the other photos will have to wait.)

            Meanwhile, the other highlight of the evening was the sighting of 5 deer in the meadow. Unfortunately it was too dark to get a photo by then.

            More later . . .

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