Thursday, February 21, 2019

Backbends and Age

            Sometimes I forget how old I am. 

            Yesterday, when doing a bit of running on the Wayne Gretzky Athletic Centre indoor track, I noticed a man and woman in one of the exercise areas. The woman was facing the wall as I was running up the track and then did a graceful backbend putting her hands on the floor behind her as I ran by. I immediately had memories of being able to do that when I was younger so when I came around the track again and saw them still there doing some other stretches I stopped and told her how much I had enjoyed seeing her do the backbend and related that I had been able to do that too, 50 years ago. 
            This morning, about 15 hours later, I suddenly realized that although I might have been able to do that backbend 50 years ago I probably didn't. It was really 60 years ago that I was able to do that move and by 50 years ago I was no longer even trying to do it.


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