Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Morning Dog Walk

            On mornings when I have enough time, i.e. not rushing off for some activity or another, the dog and I have a nice 2.5 km walk on some of the trails on our property. It has some bush, some open meadows and small hills to go up and down. Below is a map of a typical morning meander.

            The "hills" are really the edges of two ravines that are on the north and south sides of the property.

            On the east (right) side of the property is a small shallow "pond" that is often dry in summer and fall but usually has water in late fall, through the winter and spring. I started taking almost daily photos there in 2012 and have been photographing it from the same place every morning that the dog and I make it out. Following is one of the first photos and and one of the last:

October 4, 2012

January 1, 2019

            Another photo from January 1st is of a Highbush Cranberry that is located in the west meadow.

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