Thursday, January 03, 2019

Beckett Walkers


     I joined Fleur-Ange, and other Beckett walkers, on a walk from Hardy Road to the pedestrian bridge over the Grand River and then along an old rail trail today. The way the Beckett walkers handle their Thursday hikes is to choose a place and walk one way for 45 minutes then turn and walk back. That way almost everyone should finishe at the same time, no matter how fast or slow they walk. Neat system I think. That being said, some do not do the whole 45 minutes out, so they finish early. Fleur-Ange and I aim to do the entire  90 minutes so we are usually the last back.

            Below is a photo from about 40 minutes into the walk. There were at least 20 walkers when we started. How many can you see on the trail?

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